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It’s 2018. Do you know where your customers are?

The top 5 messaging apps are more popular than the top 5 Social Networking apps including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Email is shunned by millenials and looked upon suspiciously by everyone else. Marketers ruin everything and Email has been the marketers playtoy for years.

“Messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking” – Mark Zuckerburg

Zero Entrance Barriers

There is no app to download or Website to figure out. Facebook Messenger is already installed on your device and your customers use it!

Track User Behavior

Know what they have read. What they have done. How they got there. And where they fell out of your sales funnel so you can retarget them.

I Want an Answer Now!

Every business is selling to human beings and people want to talk and they want to talk now. They don’t want to wait on an email. They don’t want to call.

Because it Works

Ezra Firestone generated $20,669 in only 30 days with Messenger Chat bots for his business. –

Harvard Business Review says

While email open rates are at 20%, messaging gets 98% open rates. Smartphone users are also more likely to have push notifications turned on for a messaging app than for email, a branded app, or even for Facebook.

Device Independent

Desktop, Tablet, Phone – It makes no difference. One platform to rule the all! Plus your customers are already using it.

“The amount of content produced by all human beings since the beginning of time till 2003 is being reproduced every 48 hours.

How are You going to stand out????”

– Gary Vaynerchuk –

Automated Messenger Marketing (2018)

Automated Merssener Marketing