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Nerd, Sailor, Bot Maker

Jim Faulkner
For 10 years I built my ISP business until I sold it in 2008. Bought a boat, learned how to sail. Explored the world for the last 8+ years. Survived a category 5 cyclone in Fiji.

Along the way I created passive income websites aimed at Adsense revenue. It was awesome before the advent of #G^%@h! ad blockers.

I grew a fan related Facebook Page from 5000 to 800,000+ and growing at 3000 likes/day:) Then it all went away in one day when FaceBook killed it. Ask me what happened. (I was not doing anything “Black Hat”)

And for some extra Nerd cred. I met amd married my wife online back in 1998. Way before it was mainstream:). My wife was even interviewed on the local TV station because it was so unusual at the time.